Cohort 1- 2020

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English As A Second Language (ESL)- Beginner

Beginner 1 is designed for students who have had little exposure to the English language. In this level, students will be focusing on being able to create language at the sentence level. They will learn to ask and answer simple present, past, and future time questions. They will learn basic vocabulary and study topics related to everyday habits and experiences. They will learn to write simple paragraphs and fill out forms requiring personal information. At the completion of this level, students will feel confident holding short conversations about everyday topics such as weather, time, clothing, and transportation, be able to read simple stories, write simple sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization, have a solid understanding of the English alphabet, be able to use English conventions for numbers in a variety of contexts, and be able to use language to have basic needs met in an English-only environment.

Beginner 2 is designed for students who are able to handle basic communicative tasks in uncomplicated social or survival situations. At this level, students are able to create sentence-level speech and writing using verbs in simple present, past and future. They learn present and past progressive and other basic grammar concepts to increase the complexity of the ideas they are able to express. They begin to write at the paragraph-level and focus on participating in short conversations about familiar topics.

Teacher: Joy Ashling